Fallen Garden Party 2015

Gathering firewood and prepping the gardens for winter.
Gathering firewood and prepping the gardens for winter.

From Fallen Trees to Firewood

Thanks to the hard working crew who showed up for the final Garden Party of 2015! They skillfully cut, split and stacked firewood from trees that had succumbed to nature over the last year or so. The Hermitage should be cozy this Winter!

Fall Gardens and Winter Rooftops
In addition, the party-goers groomed our gardens in time for the arrival of our Pah Bah guests and visitors, and helped make the roof over our remodeled shrine room ready for Winter Rains. Most of the remodeled exterior was painted as well.

Much Gratitude to Hermitage Supporters!
Thank you to all who worked and played in the garden with us this Summer! We enjoyed nutritious meals, spiffed up the grounds, got ready for Winter, and had some nice tea-time chats.

September Saturdays (and Special Sunday)

Gardening or meditation your thing?  Saturday your day?  Have we got a September for you!  (And, don’t miss one very special Sunday.)
Fall at the Pond

The Saturdays

September 5 – The Fall-n-Garden Party at the Hermitage

With summer nearly over, this will be our fifth and final “Garden Party” for the year. The focus will be on Fall and Winter preparations: gardening, firewood splitting and stacking, and house painting. With your help, just two hours of work can make a huge difference readying the Hermitage for the Pah Bah weekend and the coming seasons.

Join us for a potluck meal (arrive by 10:30 am), work period (1:00 pm) and/or tea and Dhamma talk with the monks (3:00 pm “ish”).  If you’re coming to the potluck, please let dana@pacifichermitage.org know.  Wear your gardening and painting clothes!

September 12 – 1/2-Day Meditation Retreat (w/Ajahn Sudanto)

Sit, walk, stand (no, it’s not puppy training!).  Deepen your meditation by practicing 1–5 pm at Yoga Samadhi, 177 W Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA.  Some Dhamma discussion.

September 19 – 1/2-Day Meditation Retreat (w/Luang Por Pasanno)

Luang Por Pasanno, Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery, will lead a similar 1/2-day retreat from 1-4 pm at Mt. View Grange, 1085 N. Main Ave., White Salmon, WA.

The Very Special Sunday

September 20 – Pah Bah (Annual Alms Ceremony)

Join in the potluck meal, watch or join in the ceremony, have tea with the monks and/or tour the Pacific Hermitage.  The meal and ceremony are at Mt. View Grange (address above).  Please see the previous post (below) for times and more information.

For more information: