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Winter News & Events

Monks in Residence Throughout Winter

There will be three monks residing at the Hermitage through winter.  Weekly Tuesday night meditations at Yoga Samadhi will continue.  Ajahn Sudanto will be away  in Thailand for about a month, but good friends and former residents, Ajahn Jotipalo and Tan Sudhiro, will be here from late November through Winter Retreat.

** UPDATE:  There will be no half-day retreats until April.  A previous post mistakenly said that the retreats would continue through winter. **

Winter Monastic Retreat:  A Time for Silent Practice

December 1 – March 31 is Winter Retreat for the monks.

This is a time when monastics become more solitary, focusing on silent study and meditation.   It’s an important time of reflection and renewal for them.

During this period, we can support their retreat practice by keeping our conversations with them and requests for their time to a minimum.

Regular Tuesday Sits Continue

TUESDAY NIGHTS — Meditation with the monks, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, at Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon, WA.  Meditation, then Dhamma talk.

Please Sign Up to Offer a Meal!

The monks still need meal offerings every Saturday and Sunday.   As of this writing, only one person has signed up to offer a meal this winter.  Yikes!

Please check the Hermitage calendar for vacant weekend days and consider signing up to offer a meal.  Contact the meal dana coordinator to schedule your meal offering or ask questions.

Comings & Goings

DECEMBER 5 — Ajahn Sek departs after visiting for about one month.  Thank you, Ajahn, for visiting and sharing your warm smile.

DECEMBER 20 — Ajahn Sudanto leaves for Thailand.  He’ll return January 28.


2017: The Year in Review

Each year, Sanghata looks back at what’s happened with the Hermitage and sums it up in an annual newsletter. Click on the newsletter image for a full-sized version of the 2017 newsletter.

Sanghata is the non-profit board for the Hermitage that receives all financial donations and helps plan, budget, and coordinate events and projects.

Visit for information about donating, finances or Pah Bahs.  Email:

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November 2017 News and Events

Special Guest October 31

Ajahn Geoff (Thanissaro) at Tuesday Night Meditation, Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon, 6:30 – 8:00 pm.  Ajahn Geoff will offer Dhamma reflections at Tuesday night meditation.

November Regular Events

TUESDAY NIGHTS — Meditation with the monks continues, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, at Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon, WA.

NOVEMBER 11 — Half-Day Retreat with the monks in White Salmon, 1- 5 pm, at Yoga Samadhi.   Cushions & chairs available.  Last one in 2017.

NOVEMBER 17 & 18 Portland Friends of the Dhamma Visit  Hermitage monks visit Friday evening and Saturday morning.  For more information, visit PFoD website.  Last visit in 2017.

Comings & Goings

Ajahn Sek
 arrives to visit the Hermitage for about one month.  Ajahn Sek is originally from Thailand, and ordained and practiced there.  Recently he has been staying at Abhayagiri Monastery.  You may remember seeing him when he came with the Abhayagiri group for a brief visit during our Pah Bah.  Welcome Ajahn Sek!

Tan Kondañño
 will be leaving after spending part of the last Winter Retreat with Ajahn Sudanto at Birken Monastery, then the remainder of Winter Retreat and a total of ten months at the Hermitage.  Thank you for sharing your good nature and reflections with us, and for offering your skills and helpfulness to Ajahn Sudanto and the Hermitage.

Ajahn Jotipalo
(left) and Tan Sudhiro (right) arrive in late November to spend Winter Retreat at the Hermitage, and be here while Ajahn Sudanto is in Thailand.  A warm welcome back to these familiar friends and former Hermitage residents.


Ajahn Sudanto leaves for Thailand.  He’ll return January 28.

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Pah Bah 2017: Thank You!

Such a Happy and Enjoyable Event

During the formal part of the ceremony, sponsors Sunny Souriyavong and Issaree Photiruk (known as Dang), made the traditional Pah Bah offering of cloth from which the monks make their robes.   As many of you know, Sunny and Dang’s generosity extends far beyond their sponsorship.  They offer meals to the monks many times each year and always bring tons of wonderful food to the Pah Bahs.  Thank you, Sunny and Dang.

Thank you to Luang Por Pasanno, Ajahn Siripanyo, Ajahn Sek and other Abhayagiri monastics and lay stewards for coming up for the Pah Bah!

Some 60 – 70 people attended the Half-Day Retreat on Saturday.  About 110 attended the actual Pah Bah on Sunday, and over $27,000 was donated in support of the Pacific Hermitage.  Thank you for your generosity!

 The Kids Brought Smiles to All!

The Kids’ program this year was a real hit, with children offering trays of paper flowers and then bowing to the monks.  It was cute, sweet and brought smiles to everyone’s faces.  Thank you to Jessica Swanson for coordinating the program. Continue reading Pah Bah 2017: Thank You!