Ajahn Sucitto & Bhante Rahula in Early July

Dates to Remember:  

  • JULY 3:  Monks will be back from Abhayagiri.
  • JULY 3 – 6:  Ajahn Sucitto at Yoga Samadhi (7/3) and Hermitage.
  • JULY 4 – 8:  Retreat with Bhante Rahula — REGISTRATION CLOSED.
  • JULY 9:  Bhante Rahula at Hermitage for meal.

Ajahn Sucitto Visits Hermitage July 3 – 6

Ajahn Sucitto is a senior monk of the Ajahn Chah tradition, former abbot of Chithurst Monastery, and a beloved and gifted teacher and writer.  He’ll arrive at the Hermitage on July 3, in time for the mid-day meal and will lead the regular Tuesday night meditation that night at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon, 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

Please check the Calendar for any changes to his daily schedule during his visit, and contact the meal dana coordinator if you would like to offer a meal during his stay.

Ajahn Sucitto plans to stay at the Hermitage until after the meal on July 6, then visit Portland Friends of the Dhamma that evening.  Learn more about Ajahn Sucitto by visiting his website.

Bhante Rahula Visits Hermitage July 9

Bhante Rahula will join the monks at the Hermitage for their meal on July 9.

Please contact the meal dana coordinator if you would like to join in the meal offering or have questions.  See previous post for more information about Bhante Rahula.

(Note:  The July 9 visit replaces the visit we previously had scheduled for July 3.)


A Wealth of Dhamma Talks and Videos Available

Free and Available!  There are many audio and video Dhamma talks from the Ajahn Chah lineage available online.  You can search for specific teachers, browse monastery websites for talks or reflections, or search YouTube  for teachers or monasteries.  Some teachers, such as Ajahn Sona, have their own YouTube channels.


2018 July News and Events

Regular Events — Everyone is Welcome!

  • JULY 7 Garden Party at the Hermitage. Time:  10:30 am – 4:00 pm.  You can come for any or all of the activities.  It’s a great way to see the Hermitage, help out in the yard, get to know some folks and have some fun!
    • 10:30 am:   Potluck meal (Tell the meal dana coordinator if you’re coming.)
    • 1 – 3 pm:   Yard work and other chores
    • 3 – 4 pm:   Tea and chat (until 4 pm)
  • JULY 14 — Half-Day of Meditation with the monks in White Salmon, 1- 5 pm, at Yoga Samadhi.   Mostly walking and sitting meditation.  Brief dhamma talk.  Cushions & chairs available.
  • JULY 20 & 21 — Monks at Portland Friends of the Dhamma (PFoD) Friday evening and for Saturday morning alms and meal.  More information at the PFoD website.
  • TUESDAY NIGHT SITS — Community Meditation, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, at Yoga SamadhiWhite Salmon, WA.  Cushions & chairs available.

Special Visitors **

JULY 3 – 6Ajahn Sucitto (photo)   Ajahn will lead the July 3 Community Meditation in White Salmon and will be staying at the Hermitage.

Bhante Rahula  at Hermitage during meal time.  (Registration for Bhante Rahula’s July 4-8 Retreat  is closed.)

**Click here for details.

Volunteer Coordinator Needed for Hermitage Pah Bah

Sanghata* needs a  volunteer to coordinate the setting up and dismantling of chairs, tables, etc. for the September 15 & 16 Pah Bah weekend.   If you’re interested or have questions, please contact Scott at pahbah@sanghata.net.

A Pah Bah is a traditional Thai ceremony of offering robe cloth and needed items to a monastic community.  It’s a family oriented and joyful event.

*Sanghata is the lay board of stewards for the Pacific Hermitage.  They receive and manage financial donations and help coordinate the annual Pah Bah.   Please visit sanghata.net for more information about the board.  Sign up for mailings and emails (see last article) to learn more about the Pah Bah.

Comings and Goings

  • JUNE 27 — Tan Sampanno ended his stay at the Hermitage when he returned to Abhayagiri for the reception hall celebration.  Thank you for visiting!
  • JULY 2 — Ajahn Sudanto, Ajahn Kassapo will return from the celebration, along with Tan Suddhiko (in photo).  Tan Suddhiko plans to stay at the Hermitage through mid to late November.  You can learn more about him at the Abhayagiri website.

Is Your Contact Information Current?

If your email or postal address has changed, please update your information by filling out the Sign up for Pacific Hermitage List form at the bottom of this page.  You’ll need to fill in the entire form again.   Thank you!

Abhayagiri Events & Announcements

  • June 29 – July 1:   Reception hall celebration streamed live
  • July 1:  Thanksgiving Retreat Registration opens
  • July 8:  Luang Por Pasanno birthday and leave-taking

New Reception Hall Celebration Streamed Live

Join lay supporters and senior monks from around the world for the reception hall inauguration.  The entire event will be livestreamed on Friday, June 29th, Saturday, June 30th, and Sunday July 1st.   For more information, visit the Abhayagiri website.  Check the Reflections and Talks pages for talks from senior monks attending the celebration.

Luang Por Pasanno Steps Back as Abbot

Luang Por Pasanno

On July 8, Abhayagiri will celebrate Luang Por Pasanno’s sixty-ninth birthday and over twenty years of leadership as he steps back as abbot of Abhayagiri.  He’ll be taking a year-long sabbatical.  Read more here.

Thank you, Luang Por, for establishing the tradition in the United States, for establishing the Pacific Hermitage, and for your inspiration, teachings, and  immense contributions to the well-being of so many.

Thanksgiving Retreat Registration Opens July 1

Go to the Abhayagiri website, starting July 1, for details and registration forms for the Abhayagiri Monastic Thanksgiving Retreat.

The November 17-25 retreat has a limited number of openings for lay participants.  Registration closes July 31.



2018 Pah Bah Weekend: September 15 & 16

Reserve your lodging now!

Everyone is welcome to this joyful and family oriented event in White Salmon, WA!

September is a busy month in the Columbia River Gorge.  If you plan on staying overnight for the 2018 Pah Bah, please reserve your lodging now!  We look forward to seeing you!

  • Saturday, Sept. 15:  Meditation retreat
  • Sunday, Sept. 16:  Pah Bah ceremony

Expect more details in the coming months.

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