Local Alms

During this these unusual times of the Coronavirus, the Pacific Hermitage monastics are not walking alms rounds Mondays – Fridays but, instead asking those interested in offering food to drop it off at the Hermitage. As such, please adhere to specific instructions outlined below to ensure the safety and health of the Pacific Hermitage monastics and all who visit. If you are interested in offering an in-person meal during a weekend, please visit the Weekend Meal Offering page for instructions.

Visitation Hours

Monday thru Friday, 8:00AM – 9:30AM


Upon arrival at the Hermitage grounds, proceed across the bridge and park in the upper lot.

Where to Place Your Offering

Meal Offerings are to be placed in the meal dana box.

Receiving Your Empty Containers

Retrieve your empty containers from the previous visit, which will be stored in the appropriate box adjacent to the meal-offering box.

While You Are Visiting

  • Observe all social distancing requirements – 6 feet apart, etc.
  • The monks may be available for a short discussion on their patio. 

When We Return to Walking Alms Rounds

The Pacific Hermitage monks walk through White Salmon, WA every morning (about 8:00 and 9:30 AM) to receive food for their daily meal and connect with the community.  Questions?  Want to see if they can walk by your place?  Feel free to ask the monks or our  Hermitage Dana-Coordinator.

Click a map to enlarge:  NOTE: Routes are flexible and may change.