Local Alms

Since 2010, the Pacific Hermitage monastics have been walking through White Salmon, collecting alms food daily from local supporters. During the Covid-19 pandemic the monks continue to walk for alms, Monday to Friday, wearing masks and social distancing. The monks have designated alms routes (see below), and anyone is invited to meet the monks and offer alms along these routes.

If it is easier to offer alms at the Pacific Hermitage rather than along one of the routes, this can be done at 9:45 AM every weekday. The monks are required to receive alms food directly, so please do not drop any food off if they are not present. Also, during the weekdays, the monks will say hello, but do not spend a lot of time conversing.

On the weekends, the monks receive and speak with visitors who have signed up to offer a meal. If you are interested in offering an in-person meal during a weekend, please visit the Weekend Meal Offering page for instructions.

While you are visiting, please observe social distancing requirements by staying 6 feet apart and please wear a mask.

The Local Alms Routes

The Pacific Hermitage monks walk through White Salmon, WA, Monday through Friday morning (between 7:30 AM and 9:30 AM) to receive food for their daily meal and connect with the community.  Questions?  Want to see if they can walk by your place?  Feel free to ask the monks or our  Hermitage Dana-Coordinator.

Click a map to enlarge:  NOTE: Routes are flexible and may change.