Procedures for Weekend Meal Offerings at the Pacific Hermitage

For the Winter Months beginning December 18, 2020 and ending April 2, 2020

Anumodana for Your Generosity

Before visiting, please review all the guidelines below (they may change as conditions do). If you have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 symptoms, please consider quarantining and reschedule your visit at least 12 days after your quarantine is finished. May all beings be safe and well.

Who is Permitted to Visit

For donors who wish to offer food and visit with the monks after the meal: up to one household with a maximum of 5 people may participate.  

For donors who wish to offer food, but not visit with the monks after the meal: up to 5 people from multiple households may participate. 

Visitation Hours

Saturday and Sunday 10:30AM – 1:00PM


Upon arrival at the Hermitage grounds, proceed across the bridge and park in the upper lot.

While You are Visiting

Please try to stay 6 feet apart, wear a mask at all times (when not eating or drinking), and wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer before handling the food.

Your Offering

  • For a single household visiting on the weekend, the shrine room will be aired out and sterilized in advance so that those offering the meal dana may prepare, offer and eat there if they wish (the monks will be eating elsewhere and will not enter the shrine room except very briefly to receive the food if the meal is offered there). The food may be offered either in the shrine room or outside on the deck depending on the donor’s wishes.
  • Please bring the meal dana fully-prepared and ready to offer without the need for reheating (if minor reheating is necessary there will be a microwave available in the shrine room, but please make sure the offerings are ready by 11:00 AM). 
  • The monks eat one meal a day, so please bring an adequate amount of nutritious food for 3 monks. 
  • After chanting the blessing, the monks will retire to their dining area in a separate part of the house, you may then eat the meal.  Important note: Please remember to bring your own serving utensils, plates, eating utensils and napkins.

Discussion with the Monks

  • For one household visiting, the monks will be available for discussion outside on the patio after their meal. The donors can either remain in the shrine room with the sliding glass doors open or come out onto the deck. As the winter retreat is an important time of seclusion for the monks, they will finish the visit by 1:00 PM
  • Please bring appropriate winter wear (including blankets) if you wish to visit with the monks as it is likely to be cold, wet and/or snowy.