Weekend Meal Offerings at the Pacific Hermitage

Anumodana for Your Generosity

Offering food to the monks provides an opportunity to visit with monks and historically, this is the traditional time to visit a monastery, ask questions and consult with the monastics.

Saturday & Sunday Meal Offerings

Signing Up

To sign up to offer a meal, check the meal calendar and email the dana coordinator (dana@pacifichermitage.org) to sign up for the date you’d like to visit.

Visitation Hours

Saturday and Sunday 10:15AM – 1:00PM


Upon arrival at the Hermitage grounds, proceed across the bridge and park in the upper lot.

At the Hermitage

  • Please bring the meal dana fully-prepared and ready to offer. If minor reheating is necessary there is a microwave, oven and stove top available in the kitchen.
  • The monks eat one meal a day, so please bring an adequate amount of food for the number of monks listed on the calendar for that day. They typically eat more than a regular person does for lunch as they are consuming all their food at one time. 
  • Please ensure the offerings are ready by 11:00 AM. Once the meal has been offered, the monks will chant a blessing, and then take their meal and eat separately. You are then welcome to take your meal and eat inside or outside.
  • Once the monks have finished the meal and cleaned up, they are available to meet informally, either inside or outside, depending on the group’s preference.

If you have questions or would like more information about what food to bring, you can find additional details on the Meal Dana FAQ page.