Procedures for Weekend Meal Offerings at Pacific Hermitage

Beginning 07June 2020

Who is Permitted to Visit

A whole family from the same household is fine, and small groups up to 5 persons total, like two couples coming out, or two friends might drive out from separate households and meet to do a joint offering.

Visitation Hours

Saturday and Sunday 10:00AM – 12:00PM


Upon arrival at the Hermitage grounds, proceed across the bridge and park in the upper lot.

Your Offering

For food safety reasons, Your meal needs to be fully-prepared so that it only needs to be reheated by the Meal Monk. The kitchen will not be available for visitors. The monks eat one meal a day, so bring an adequate amount of nutritional food for 3 monks. 

Where to Place Your Offering

Meal Offerings are to be placed buffet style on the table that will be set up on the Hermitage patio.

Offering the Meal

Only one healthy person in your group will offer all the food to the designated meal monk.  Be sure to wear proper protective equipment (mask, gloves, eye protection) and clean apparel.

Meal Transfer and Food Consumption

After chanting the blessing, the  Monks will transfer your offering into their alms bowls and retire to their dining area to eat their meal.  You may then consume the remainder, using your own plates and utensils.

Discussion With The Monks

The monks will be available for discussion on their patio after their meal.  

While You Are Visiting

  • Always observe all social distancing requirements – 6 feet apart, etc.
  • The only Hermitage facility open to you will be the restroom.
  • The kitchen will not be available for visitors.