Welcome Colleen! New Meal Dana Coordinator

Hello Friends:

Please welcome Colleen Regalbuto into the role of meal dana coordinator!   You will love working with her.

Colleen has incorporated alms and meal offerings into her own life and practice for the last seven years.  In fact, her kids have grown up witnessing and practicing this selfless form generosity too.  She brings that familiarity to the role and I’m so delighted she’s willing to take it on!

Each meal dana coordinator does the job differently, and the role changes over time, so don’t be surprised if some things change a bit.   We’ve been discussing ways to streamline the role.

Please offer your whole-hearted support to Colleen!  And please offer food to the monks!  If you don’t know how, ask Colleen, the monks or me.  There are several options, including ordering food at a restaurant.  (More on that in a separate post.)  Contact Colleen at the meal dana coordinator email address dana@pacifichermitage.org.

Generosity is a key foundation of Buddhism.  Offering food is an immediate and beautiful way to practice generosity, as well as offer your respect and gratitude to the monks.   And food offerings are needed every day.  Almost everyone is timid (or just plain nervous) the first time, but you’ll quickly find that the monks are engaging and human!

To the many delightful and generous people I’ve met over the past five years — thank you, thank you, thank you.  I signed up for six months, so you know that I’ve enjoyed it!  Special thanks to the people who regularly offer alms and meals.  It’s quite simple:  Without you the monks would not have food.  The Hermitage could not be here in White Salmon.   The same thank you’s go to the Rescue Squad for stepping in when needed.

In deep gratitude,