April 7 Hermitage Update


Staying Connected with Our Sangha

The monks are healthy and well, and committed to staying connected in these times. Thank you to the more than 1,600 people who have subscribed to the Pacific Hermitage YouTube channel. Ajahn Sudanto has begun live streaming events:

  • We can now join the monks daily for chanting and meditation, live at 5:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Ajahn is looking at various options for online events including more interactive Q&A discussions, so watch for updates (and select “All” notifications on the YouTube channel).

A Virtual Retreat

Ajahn Sudanto and Ajahn Sona are offering a virtual retreat May 1 – 10, The Four Foundations of Mindfulness. The retreat is open to all, registration is not required, and you can find more information here, and even more on Birken.ca.

The Latest on Meal Dana

The meal dana coordinators and the sangha have met the changing conditions with an outpouring of support. As of today, the options for offering meal dana are below (varies by geography and day of week).

Local White Salmon (Mon-Wed):

  • local sangha members bring to meal dana coordinators (or offer restaurant meals).


  • (Thurs-Sun): Portlanders can offer restaurant meals through one of the designated local restaurants on the meal dana coordinator list.
  • (Bi-weekly on Saturday): Chevy is making a bi-weekly trip from Portland bringing homemade frozen meals to White Salmon. They will be stored in local homes until needed (alternate Mondays and as needed). If you would like to participate, please contact the dana coordinators.

New processes have been put in place to care for the health and safety of all, and only one person, Joseph, actually offers to the monks.

If you have any questions about offering a meal, please contact meal dana coordinators Kalyani and Joseph directly at dana@pacifichermitage.org.

As previously noted, the laity has accumulated a two-month supply of food to store at the Hermitage, which the vinaya allows for in the type of situation we’re facing. This does not change the current meal dana process in place, it is a backup plan. The monks cannot mix alms with the emergency pantry provisions; such provisions would only be used if all other options became unavailable.

Many thanks to Anna for doing the shopping and managing this process.

Would You Like to Volunteer?

Kalyani and Joseph’s six-month commitment as meal dana coordinators is nearly finished, so there is opportunity for someone to volunteer for that role. It entails scheduling and coordinating the offerings of various groups that provide meals, and ensuring that the Monks receive meal offerings every day.

This is a wonderful opportunity to serve the Monks and the lay community. To learn more about what’s involved, please email dana@pacifichermitage.org.

“What are some practical ways to be the source of your own inner light? One is to really put aside the obsession with self and turn towards selfless giving and selfless generosity…looking for opportunities to give, to serve, to be selfless, to be kind, and give to others quite naturally brightens our mind, and brightens our life, brightens our relationships, and is something that should be attended to, not neglected. Every day, in some little way…looking for opportunities to give and to be kind, is something for me, brings that extra kind of brightness.” – Ajahn Sudanto.