2019 October News

Important Two-Day Garden (Work) Party!  |  PFoD Oct. 18, 19 & 20 Oct. 5 & 6 Garden Party: Wood for Winter! October’s Garden Party is usually the last work party of each year, and it’s an important one.  Important enough to warrant two days instead of one, and important enough that Ajahn Sudanto likes to […]

2019 September News

Sept 7 Garden Party  |  Sept. 20 PFoD  |  Sept. 21 & 22:  Retreat & Pah Bah (see update in Pah Bah article below) Garden Party is September 7 Come to the Hermitage to share in a potluck meal and help finish yard work and preparations for our monastic Pah Bah guests.  You can come […]

2019 Pah Bah Weekend: Sept. 21 & 22

A lay community gathering to support the Pacific Hermitage. Honored Guests We’re honored to have Luang Por Pasanno back with us this year for the Pah Bah. Abbot Ajahn Jayanto and Ajahn Caganando from Temple Forest Monastery will also be joining us, along with Abhayagiri’s Co-Abbot Ajahn Karunadhammo, Ajahn Sek, and several more monastics from […]

2019 August News

Aug. 3 Hermitage (Garden Work) Party * Aug. 16 & 17 Portland Friends of the Dhamma August 3: Garden (Work) Party at Hermitage There’s plenty to do to prepare for the September Pah Bah! With 12 monks staying at the Hermitage, help is needed to clear tent sites and pathways, preparing brush piles, keep the […]