Writing for the Hermitage

Hello Friends: For the last five years or so, I’ve been writing most of the website posts, emails, posters and flyers for the Hermitage. I stepped down from that role at the end of 2019. Winter Retreat is usually a quiet time, but as we near the end of it, we’re approaching a time when […]

2019 Sanghata Focus: Long-Range Planning

From the beginning, the Hermitage was intended to be both a monastic retreat and a source of support for lay practice. Now, with the early years of establishing the Hermitage behind us, the focus for Sanghata has changed to long-range planning and more fully realizing that original intention. We are working to shift monastic efforts […]

Monastic Winter Retreat Begins

December 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020 A Time for Silence, Reflection and Renewal Each year at this time, monks of this tradition enter more deeply into solitary and silent study and meditation.  It’s an important time of reflection and renewal for them. We can be helpful, during this time, by refraining from unnecessary conversation […]

Meet Our New Meal Dana Coordinators

Beginning December 6th, Kalyani and Joseph will be the new Meal Dana Coordinators for the Hermitage. Kalyani and Joseph are no strangers to offering meal dana themselves. They live in White Salmon and have been offering alms food to the monks for a number of years. The email address for the Meal Dana Coordinator remains […]