Monastic Winter Retreat at the Hermitage

  • Winter Retreat is Dec. 1 – Mar. 31
  • Monks at Hermitage throughout Winter
  • Ajahn Sudanto away Nov. 14 – Jan. 29

Monastic Winter Retreat … A Quiet Time

Winter Retreat:  December 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019

Winter Retreat is an important time of reflection and renewal for the monks.  During this time, monastics are more solitary.  They focus on quiet study, investigation and meditation.

We can support them during their retreat by limiting our conversation and requests for their time.

Alms food and meals are still needed, but many who offer during this time simply offer their food without much, if any, conversation.

Please check the Hermitage calendar to see when meals are needed.  Contact the meal dana coordinator to schedule your meal offering or ask questions about meals or alms.  You now have the option of ordering food at a local restaurant, if you’re concerned about driving in winter weather.

Regular Tuesday Sits Continue Through Winter

TUESDAY NIGHTS — Meditation with the monks, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, at Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon, WA.  Meditation, then Dhamma talk.

New Logo Highlights Native Dogwood

When the Pacific Dogwood catches rays of sunlight filtering through the trees, its white flowers light up the forest.  Even as the flowers fade and the petals drop, they still color the forest with the clusters of brilliant red berries they leave behind.   Now, the flowers light up our new logo — in full bloom on

Comings and Goings

Unlike some previous years, we will have monks in residence throughout the winter.

Photo: Ven. Kovilo Bhikkhu
Venerable Kovilo

Ajahn Kassapo will remain at the Hermitage through Winter Retreat.  He’ll be on his own through November 28, then will be joined by Venerable Kovilo for the remainder of the retreat.

Ajahn Sudanto left November 14 for the Abhayagiri Thanksgiving Retreat, and will travel from there to Birken Forest Monastery for the first part of his Winter Retreat.  He’ll return to the Hermitage after the meal on January 30.

With Deep Gratitude: A Look Back at 2018

About this time every year, the Hermitage Board of Stewards sends out a letter that summarizes the year’s key events, projects and plans.  Click here to see the complete 2018 Sanghata letter.  Learn about this year’s Pah Bah, long-range planning, a dedicated abbot’s kuti, and more.

Visit to learn about the board and how to support the Hermitage.  We’re deeply grateful for your generous support.

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