Birken Forest Monastery (Sitavana)May 1 – 15, 2019Ajahn Sona Retreat on Right Effort Join the Pacific Hermitage monastics and lay community members  for this opportunity to deepen your meditation practice in a beautiful British Columbia setting.  Applications accepted starting November 1.  Visit Ajahn Sona’s  YouTube channel to see why he is respected as such a gifted and clear teacher! […]

2018 November News and Events

* New wood is stacked  *  Ajahn Geoff visits 11/6  *  Last 2018 Half-Day is 11/10  *  CANCELLED:  PFoD November visit * How Much Wood Does a Woodchucker Chuck? Plenty!   Hermitage helpers were full of smiles, hard work and good company as they chucked wood at the last work parties for 2018.  Many thanks to […]

2018 Pah Bah: Balloons, Generosity, Community

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you! Pah Bah 2018 was a fun and happy event! The kids stole the show again this year with balloons and bearing wonderful gifts from Portland Friends of the Dhamma. Thank you PFoD friends.  The power tools are greatly appreciated!   It Was a Family Affair, Especially for Our Sponsors […]

2018 October News and Events

Woodchuckers Ball * Regular Events * Our Family of Monasteries * Comings & Goings Time Again for the Woodchuckers Ball:  October 6 & 7 A name like that requires an explanation! It’s a two-day garden party (last of the year) to cut, split and stack wood for heating the house. No ballroom dancing involved!   (Ajahn just likes […]