“Tea in the Garden”: Part Two of the Five-Part Garden Party Series

Buddha in the Hermitage Garden

On Saturday, June 6th, from 1-3 pm, we’ll be hosting the second of our summer “Garden Parties.” This is a fun way to join with the monks and others in helping care for the Hermitage grounds. Our monastic rules prevent monks and nuns from many aspects of gardening, so any help you can offer for the care and maintenance of the Hermitage grounds will be greatly appreciated.

The day is organized in three acts:

Act 1: 11 am — The Meal Offering
Act 2: 1-3 pm — “Play” in the Garden
Act 3: 3-4 pm — Tea and Monk Chat in the Garden

Join us for any amount of time you care to offer.

Meal Offering:

If you are coming for the meal and bringing some food to offer, it’s good to show up by 10:30 to warm up and set out the food. Please let our dana coordinator (Debie) know if you’ll be helping with the meal: dana@pacifichermitage.org

Roles in the Play (tasks for the day):

We need loppers, pruners and weeders, especially for clearing the forest path and meditation spots in the forest, removing a little thistle and many weeds from the garden areas, and cleaning up around the pond. Please bring some gloves and your favorite garden tools. We have a limited supply.

If you have any questions or you would like to come help us at another time more convenient to you, please contact the Hermitage: hermitage@abhayagiri.org We’ll have additional Garden Parties on the first Saturday of each month, through October.

Hope to see you!
The Hermitage Monks