Register for 2016 Birken Retreat

Birken Retreat:  May 4-13, 2016

Birken1Registration is now open (Closed) for the Pacific Hermitage meditation retreat at Birken Forest Monastery, near Kamloops, BC.

Ajahn Sona, Abbot of the monastery, will lead the retreat.

At this time, the monastery can guarantee places for at least 12 lay participants.  We will fill those 12 slots and keep a waiting list of six to eight.  In past years, there have been enough cancellations or increases in available spaces that we’ve been able to accommodate all of those on the waiting list who still wanted to go.

If you’d like to go, please email Bob Miller at  We will keep registration open until the end of the month, but the guaranteed slots and waiting list often fill quickly.

Six people will likely need to share three rooms with another of the same gender.  Although staying in a meditation hut cannot be guaranteed, there may be an opportunity to request one as we get closer to the date.

Carpooling is a good way to get there.  We’re looking for volunteers to drive.

If you are interested but feel a bit anxious, please feel free to contact Bob Miller (email above) or others who have already been to Birken so that they can reassure you about what a wonderful and valuable experience it is.

UPDATE: Registration is now closed. Details: