2015 Pah Bah :-)

Program for the ceremony

Some 150 people gathered in White Salmon on September 20 to offer support to the Pacific Hermitage.  They came from near and far — as near as “just down the road,” to as far away as Thailand.  The Pah Bah sponsors, Pichit Wathanapaisal and Kanchana Umpai, came all the way from Illinois.  Donations totaled over $38,000 this year, with individual donations ranging from $1 to $10,000.  Many, many thanks!

The Hermitage Can Be Here Only With Your Support

In the Thai Forest Tradition, monks and nuns are not allowed  to earn or even handle money, and they can only accept what is freely given. These rules have a purpose — they set up an interdependent relationship between lay supporters and a monastic community.  A monastery can exist only where a community values the spiritual leadership, example and Buddha’s teachings enough to support a monastic community.

Four Basic Requisites

The Buddha said monks need only four very basic things:  food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Food must be offered to the monks each morning, either on their alms rounds or as a meal offered at the Hermitage.  Monetary donations provide the monks with shelter (the Hermitage buildings, land and what is needed to maintain them). Donations of money or material goods also provide for clothing (cloth, sewing supplies, socks, gloves, etc.), and medicine (including health insurance).

Dana (Support) Actually Comes in Many Forms

“Dana” is often translated as generosity or donation. If you are interested in offering dana in the form of material goods, your time, your expertise or food, please explore the Support tab on our website.  Check out the list of Needed and Useful items, or learn more about offering alms or meals (you can also contact our meal dana coordinator).

Sanghata (Board of Directors) Handles Monetary Donations

The Sanghata handles all Hermitage finances.  All donations directly support the Hermitage.  At the Sanghata.net website, check out ways of donating, including “Square Cash” to donate using a debit card.  Or switch from your regular Amazon account to Smile.Amazon.  It’s easy.  If you sign up, Amazon will donate 1/2% of what you spend to your charity.  Pick Sanghata, and your shopping will support the Hermitage!

Thank You for the Feast!

Thank you to Sawasdee Thai and Thai Cottage restaurants, as well as the many individuals, who brought generous amounts of great food to share at the Pah Bah potluck!

Thank You and Anumodana!

Mor Picihit & Kanchana Wathanapaisal and Family: Sponsors of the 2015 Pah Bah
Mor Picihit & Mor Kanchana and Family: Sponsors of the 2015 Pah Bah


Pah Bah friends
Pah Bah friends
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