Silence, Snow, Practice

photo (4)Ajahn Away Dec. 9, 2015 – Feb. 4, 2016 — It’s getting near the monastic Winter Retreat, and since a ride and meditation hut are available, Ajahn Sudanto has accepted an offer to begin the first part of his retreat a little early at Birken Forest Monastery. Ajahn will return Feb. 4, 2016 and complete Winter Retreat in solitude. No other monks are scheduled to spend the winter at the Hermitage.

Birken Forest Monastery is at 4000 feet of elevation.  Imagine settling into the snowy stillness, a wonderful setting for deep monastic practice.

Tuesday night meditation at Yoga Samadhi will continue, except Dec. 22 and 29 are cancelled.  On Dec. 15 and Jan. 5, Bruce Anderson will lead the meditations and also discussions of the Dhammapada.  On the remaining Tuesdays, until Ajahn Sudanto returns, other people have offered to “host” the sits — basically open the room and start/end the meditation.  Please check the Hermitage website to see if there are any updates.