A Beautiful Space for Five Years

Yoga Samadhi studio in White Salmon has hosted the regular Tuesday night sits, half-day retreats and special events, free of charge, for five years now. The monks took a moment Tuesday night, after Ajahn Thanissaro’s (Geoff) talk, to express their deep gratitude to owners Kathy and Jim Kacena and give them the beautiful Buddha image shown below.


Ajahn Sudanto said that they came to White Salmon wanting to offer regular opportunities for the community to meditate and listen to Dhamma reflections, but had no idea where to do so or how they might pay for it.  Then they stumbled upon Yoga Samadhi and received an enthusiastic welcome and offer of free space from Kathy.  It just so happened that Kathy had been to several retreats steeped in Thai Forest Buddhism, so she was astounded and delighted to find the monks knocking on her door!

Thanks from the entire community, Kathy and Jim, for offering this beautiful space.