Honoring Monastic Winter Retreat

February 5th marks the return of Ajahn Sudanto to the Hermitage and the beginning of a visit by Ajahn Karunadhammo. It also marks the middle of the monastic Winter Retreat (January – March), sSnow at Hermitageo a word about what this means might be helpful.

During Winter Retreat, monastics set aside time to live in greater silence and to focus more on meditation and study. It’s a time to recharge and deepen their practice. Those who offer alms/meals or otherwise interact with the monks during this time are gently asked to honor this intention by curtailing unnecessary speech and limiting Dhamma discussions so that the monks may return to their daily practice as soon as possible.

The Tuesday night meditations in White Salmon provide a venue for questions and discussion, so please feel free to bring your questions there!

By the way, please consider signing up to offer a meal to the monks on a Saturday or Sunday, including this coming weekend, February 6 and 7(UPDATE:  Meals have now been offered for these dates).  Contact the meal dana coordinator.  Thank you!