A Look Ahead at 2016

The forecast for the Pacific Hermitage is … bountiful!  There’s been plenty of snow so far, and the look ahead calls for flurries of visitors and events throughout the year.

Winter Entrance to the Hermitage

Along with recurring weekly and monthly events (see end of article), there are a number of special opportunities to learn from and associate with wonderful teachers and fellow members of the community at the Pacific Hermitage, Portland Friends of the Dhamma and Abhayagiri Monastery.  Not all details are final, so please keep checking the Hermitage website for updates and possible changes.

Special Visitors and Events
  • Feb 5                   Ajs. Sudanto & Karunadhammo return to Hermitage
  • Apr 8-11             Aj. Sona at Portland Friends of the Dhamma
  • May 2-Jun 8     Aj. Caganando visits
  • May 4-13           Retreat (Hermitage group at Birken Forest Monastery)
  • May 16-23         Bhante Rahula visits
  • May 20-22         Retreat (Bhante Rahula in White Salmon)
  • May 26-31         Aj. Amaro visits
  • May 31-Jun 5   Abhayagiri 20th Anniversary
  • Jun 15 -Jul 15  Tudong (approx. dates Aj. Sudanto will be away)
  • Sep 17-18          Pah Bah (Luang Pors Pasanno & Viradhammo visit)
  • Oct 23                 Abhayagiri Kathina
  • Nov 18-27          Retreat (Hermitage group at Abhayagiri, Thanksgiving)

For information about Portland Friends of the Dhamma, visit www.pdxdhamma.org. For information about Abhayagiri Monastery and the Thanksgiving retreat, visit www.abhayagiri.org.  Registration for this retreat will begin/be announced later this spring.

Regular and Recurring Events
  • Community Meditation at Yoga Samadhi  (Tuesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm)
  • Community Work Parties at Hermitage  (1st Saturdays, 1:00 – 3:00 pm, Apr.-Sep.)
  • Half-Day Retreats at Yoga Samadhi  (2nd Saturdays, 1:00 – 5:00 pm, Apr.-Nov.)
  • Portland Friends of the Dhamma  (3rd Fridays & Saturdays, Apr.-Nov.)

Yoga Samadhi is in White Salmon.  Events at Portland Friends of the Dhamma are in Portland, and include Friday evening tea, monk chat, meditation and dhamma talk, and Saturday Upasika Program, almsround and meal offering.  For more information, visit www.pdxdhamma.org.