Is a Weekend Meal Offering in Your Future?

Karen Offering FoodAs many of you know, the monks eat their daily meal from food offered to them that morning. This means that someone must offer food each and every day.  On most weekdays, alms food provides an adequate meal.  On weekends, they rely on people bringing meal offerings to the Hermitage.

We currently need people to schedule meal offerings. Ask anyone who has offered a meal — it’s a lovely way to practice generosity and interact more directly with the monks!

Weekends — Meal Offerings are Needed.  Please check the website Calendar regularly to see if a meal is needed on a Saturday or Sunday, then schedule your offering with the meal dana coordinator.   See the note above the calendar to understand when meals are needed.  You’ll see many open weekends ahead on the calendar.

Weekdays — Mostly Alms.  If you live in or near White Salmon, you might consider offering alms food.  A few families regularly offer alms one or more days a week, but more participants would be helpful and welcome.

Please contact the meal dana coordinator (Debie) for information or to schedule a meal offering.  You can also visit the Support tab of for information.  By the way, “dana” (pronounced “dawn-ah”) means generosity or donation.