2016 August Events

IMG_20150606_141812495The August forecast is for lots of sun and all the regular monthly Hermitage events, starting off with a Garden Party on August 6th:
  • August 6 — Garden Party
  • August 13 — Half-Day Retreat
  • August 19 — PFoD Tea/Dhamma Talk
  • August 20 — PFoD Alms/Meal


First, a quick July reminder — Registration for the Abhayagiri Thanksgiving Retreat ends July 31.  Check the Abhayagiri website for more information.

August:  Garden Party, Half-Day Retreat and PFoD Events

August 6 — Garden Party:  Help Keep the Hermitage Green!  Well, except for weeds. You can remove that kind of green, as well as help with cleaning up the forest and doing various other types of yard and maintenance work.  After a couple of hours, we stop for tea and a chat.  The day starts with a meal offering (arrive by 10:30 am).  The work officially begins at 1:00 pm, and tea at 3:00 pm.  Come for any or all of the activities.

August 13 — Half-Day Retreat at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon.  Sit, walk, listen.  No, it’s not dog training.  It’s training the mind!  Join the monks and others from 1 – 5 pm for a break from your usual activities and mind noise.

August 19 & 20 — Portland Friends of the Dhamma (PFoD) hosts the monks for tea, talk and meditation on Friday night, then a meal on Saturday.  Tea begins at 5:30 pm Friday evening, and the Dhamma talk at 7:00 pm.   At 10:30 am on Saturday, the monks walk on alms round, then have their meal at 11:00 am.  Please check PFoD’s website for more information.

September:  Pah Bah Samakkee

Join Luang Por Pasanno, Luang Por Viradhammo, and monks from the Pacific Hermitage and Abhayagiri Monastery, for the annual alms-giving ceremony to benefit the Pacific Hermitage.  The events will be held September 17 & 18 in White Salmon.

“Samakkee” is probably a new word for many of you.  It’s a Thai word meaning unity or harmony.  In this instance, it signifies that several people have come together to sponsor the Pah Bah.

For more information about the 2016 Pah Bah Samakkee, visit Sanghata.net, email Pahbah@Sanghata.net, or check this website again in late August.