I-84 Closure & Travel Conditions to Pah Bah

Dear Friends,

As many of you know, a wildfire that started near Cascade Locks, Oregon has resulted in the closure of I-84 through this weekend.

The best alternate route to White Salmon is WA Hwy 14 (also known as SR 14), which runs along the Washington side of the Columbia River, from Vancouver to White Salmon.

I returned to White Salmon Tuesday afternoon and the trip from Portland took just 1.5 hours, although at peak times there may be some delays. This route has been closed to truck traffic, and a number of others have traveled this route in the past several days, noting minimal impact.  If you are coming from elsewhere or have further concerns, please check current traffic conditions and allow some extra time.

Air quality is variable, but has generally been improving in the last couple of days and looks to continue going in that direction. This morning’s air quality is rated as “good to moderate” by the EPA, but people especially sensitive to this issue should check conditions in White Salmon before coming.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend.
Ajahn Sudanto