Abhayagiri Events & Announcements

  • June 29 – July 1:   Reception hall celebration streamed live
  • July 1:  Thanksgiving Retreat Registration opens
  • July 8:  Luang Por Pasanno birthday and leave-taking

New Reception Hall Celebration Streamed Live

Join lay supporters and senior monks from around the world for the reception hall inauguration.  The entire event will be livestreamed on Friday, June 29th, Saturday, June 30th, and Sunday July 1st.   For more information, visit the Abhayagiri website.  Check the Reflections and Talks pages for talks from senior monks attending the celebration.

Luang Por Pasanno Steps Back as Abbot

Luang Por Pasanno

On July 8, Abhayagiri will celebrate Luang Por Pasanno’s sixty-ninth birthday and over twenty years of leadership as he steps back as abbot of Abhayagiri.  He’ll be taking a year-long sabbatical.  Read more here.

Thank you, Luang Por, for establishing the tradition in the United States, for establishing the Pacific Hermitage, and for your inspiration, teachings, and  immense contributions to the well-being of so many.

Thanksgiving Retreat Registration Opens July 1

Go to the Abhayagiri website, starting July 1, for details and registration forms for the Abhayagiri Monastic Thanksgiving Retreat.

The November 17-25 retreat has a limited number of openings for lay participants.  Registration closes July 31.