2018 Pah Bah: Balloons, Generosity, Community

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

Pah Bah 2018 was a fun and happy event!

The kids stole the show again this year with balloons and bearing wonderful gifts from Portland Friends of the Dhamma.

Thank you PFoD friends.  The power tools are greatly appreciated!


It Was a Family Affair, Especially for Our Sponsors

The Pah Bah was very much a family affair as epitomized by our sponsors  Swee, Chek and son Kyson Tan.  Their extended family traveled from Malaysia to come with them to the Pah Bah!

The family is pictured here on a Hermitage walking meditation path.

Swee, Chek and Kyson live in Vancouver BC, Canada.  They first heard about the Pacific Hermitage at Birken Forest Monastery, when our own Tandin (Elena Smith) was there on retreat and invited them to last year’s Pah Bah.  Not only did they come, they asked to sponsor this year’s Pah Bah.

Many thanks to the Tans!

Our Lay Supporters Were Very Generous

Photo:  Sanghata unveils the unbelievable generosity of our friends, who contributed over $170,000.  It will be put to good use to help build the abbot’s kuti and other important projects, like protecting the seclusion so important to monastic practice.

Thank you for such generous support!