Hermitage Birken Retreat

Birken Meditation Hall

This May, Pacific Hermitage Retreat at Birken Forest Monastery

This treasured tradition – the Pacific Hermitage meditation retreat at Birken Forest Monastery – will return in 2024. Applicants can apply for a one week session, which are scheduled for May 4-11th and May 18-25th. The Theme is Keeping the Big Picture in Mind, and as always, Ajahn Sona will offer reflections each night on the theme.

Members of the community interested in attending can request to participate by filling out this application – requesting either one or both of the two sessions. Please register by March 18th 2024, and those accepted will be notified by March 25. Also:

  • Details about coordinating carpools will be shared after this time.
  • With the recent renovations at Birken, each participant will have a single room.

If you have any questions, please email Ajahn Sudanto at hermitage@abhayagiri.org, and put “2024 Birken Retreat” in the subject line.

Birken Monastery is a beautiful setting quite conducive to deeper meditation, investigation and reflection. What a joy that this tradition returns!