Honoring Monastic Winter Retreat

February 5th marks the return of Ajahn Sudanto to the Hermitage and the beginning of a visit by Ajahn Karunadhammo. It also marks the middle of the monastic Winter Retreat (January – March), so a word about what this means might be helpful. During Winter Retreat, monastics set aside time to live in greater silence […]

A Look Ahead at 2016

The forecast for the Pacific Hermitage is … bountiful!  There’s been plenty of snow so far, and the look ahead calls for flurries of visitors and events throughout the year. Along with recurring weekly and monthly events (see end of article), there are a number of special opportunities to learn from and associate with wonderful […]

Silence, Snow, Practice

Ajahn Away Dec. 9, 2015 – Feb. 4, 2016 — It’s getting near the monastic Winter Retreat, and since a ride and meditation hut are available, Ajahn Sudanto has accepted an offer to begin the first part of his retreat a little early at Birken Forest Monastery. Ajahn will return Feb. 4, 2016 and complete Winter […]

A Beautiful Space for Five Years

Yoga Samadhi studio in White Salmon has hosted the regular Tuesday night sits, half-day retreats and special events, free of charge, for five years now. The monks took a moment Tuesday night, after Ajahn Thanissaro’s (Geoff) talk, to express their deep gratitude to owners Kathy and Jim Kacena and give them the beautiful Buddha image […]

Birken Mini-Retreat 2015

The stars aligned and circumstances converged recently in a way that allowed a small group of Gorge practitioners to enjoy a six-day retreat at Birken Forest Monastery, while at the same time taking Ajahn Sudanto and Tan Suhajjo up to Birken’s Kathina (alms-giving celebration similar to our Pah Bah) and a brief retreat of their […]