Monastic Winter Retreat at the Hermitage

Winter Retreat is Dec. 1 – Mar. 31 Monks at Hermitage throughout Winter Ajahn Sudanto away Nov. 14 – Jan. 29 Monastic Winter Retreat … A Quiet Time Winter Retreat:  December 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 Winter Retreat is an important time of reflection and renewal for the monks.  During this time, monastics are more solitary.  […]

With Deep Gratitude: A Look Back at 2018

About this time every year, the Hermitage Board of Stewards sends out a letter that summarizes the year’s key events, projects and plans.  Click here to see the complete 2018 Sanghata letter.  Learn about this year’s Pah Bah, long-range planning, a dedicated abbot’s kuti, and more. Visit to learn about the board and how to support […]

2018 November News and Events

* New wood is stacked  *  Ajahn Geoff visits 11/6  *  Last 2018 Half-Day is 11/10  *  CANCELLED:  PFoD November visit * How Much Wood Does a Woodchucker Chuck? Plenty!   Hermitage helpers were full of smiles, hard work and good company as they chucked wood at the last work parties for 2018.  Many thanks to […]

2018 October News and Events

Woodchuckers Ball * Regular Events * Our Family of Monasteries * Comings & Goings Time Again for the Woodchuckers Ball:  October 6 & 7 A name like that requires an explanation! It’s a two-day garden party (last of the year) to cut, split and stack wood for heating the house. No ballroom dancing involved!   (Ajahn just likes […]