Is a Weekend Meal Offering in Your Future?

As many of you know, the monks eat their daily meal from food offered to them that morning. This means that someone must offer food each and every day.  On most weekdays, alms food provides an adequate meal.  On weekends, they rely on people bringing meal offerings to the Hermitage. We currently need people to schedule […]

Tuesday Night Series on Mindfulness Book

Four to five weeks exploring the book Mindfulness in Plain English: 20th Anniversary Edition, by Henepola Gunaratana On Tuesday nights for the next four-five weeks, after meditation, Ajahn Sudanto will talk us through the book Mindfulness in Plain English.   He calls it a good opportunity for those new to meditation and an introduction to […]

Sanghata Welcomes Anna Siebenborn

The Sanghata Board welcomes its newest member, Anna Siebenborn! Anna fills an opening on the Sanghata after Mimi Maduro stepped down at the end of 2015. Anna was one of the first White Salmon residents to become aware of the monks after seeing them on almsround near her White Salmon home. She and her husband […]

Welcome Ajahn Karunadhammo!

We’re so happy to welcome Ajahn Karunadhammo for a visit at the same time we welcome back Ajahn Sudanto from his stay at Birken Forest Monastery! Ajahn Karunadhammo (Ajahn “Karuna” for short) has visited the Hermitage several times, sometimes taking on the role of senior monk when Ajahn Sudanto has been away.  Ajahn Karuna normally […]

Honoring Monastic Winter Retreat

February 5th marks the return of Ajahn Sudanto to the Hermitage and the beginning of a visit by Ajahn Karunadhammo. It also marks the middle of the monastic Winter Retreat (January – March), so a word about what this means might be helpful. During Winter Retreat, monastics set aside time to live in greater silence […]