Ven. Thanavaro Joins Hermitage Residents

Venerable Thanavaro will join the Hermitage residents for about four weeks, starting Thursday evening, November 5, bringing the number of monastics back the three for awhile. Venerable Thanavaro was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1978. He studied philosophy and comparative religion before joined the monastic community at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery, England. He received the anagarika […]

Register for 2016 Birken Retreat

Birken Retreat:  May 4-13, 2016 Registration is now open (Closed) for the Pacific Hermitage meditation retreat at Birken Forest Monastery, near Kamloops, BC. Ajahn Sona, Abbot of the monastery, will lead the retreat. At this time, the monastery can guarantee places for at least 12 lay participants.  We will fill those 12 slots and keep a […]

2015 Pah Bah :-)

Some 150 people gathered in White Salmon on September 20 to offer support to the Pacific Hermitage.  They came from near and far — as near as “just down the road,” to as far away as Thailand.  The Pah Bah sponsors, Pichit Wathanapaisal and Kanchana Umpai, came all the way from Illinois.  Donations totaled over $38,000 […]

The Calendar Tab

The Calendar tab is your portal to Hermitage Event and Meal Dana (offering) information.  Read about it (below), then give it a click (above). How does It Look to You? When you click on the Calendar tab, the way the Event and Meal Dana information is displayed will depend on if you’re using a computer, tablet […]

Fallen Garden Party 2015

From Fallen Trees to Firewood Thanks to the hard working crew who showed up for the final Garden Party of 2015! They skillfully cut, split and stacked firewood from trees that had succumbed to nature over the last year or so. The Hermitage should be cozy this Winter! Fall Gardens and Winter Rooftops In addition, […]