September Saturdays (and Special Sunday)

Gardening or meditation your thing?  Saturday your day?  Have we got a September for you!  (And, don’t miss one very special Sunday.)
Fall at the Pond

The Saturdays

September 5 – The Fall-n-Garden Party at the Hermitage

With summer nearly over, this will be our fifth and final “Garden Party” for the year. The focus will be on Fall and Winter preparations: gardening, firewood splitting and stacking, and house painting. With your help, just two hours of work can make a huge difference readying the Hermitage for the Pah Bah weekend and the coming seasons.

Join us for a potluck meal (arrive by 10:30 am), work period (1:00 pm) and/or tea and Dhamma talk with the monks (3:00 pm “ish”).  If you’re coming to the potluck, please let know.  Wear your gardening and painting clothes!

September 12 – 1/2-Day Meditation Retreat (w/Ajahn Sudanto)

Sit, walk, stand (no, it’s not puppy training!).  Deepen your meditation by practicing 1–5 pm at Yoga Samadhi, 177 W Jewett Blvd, White Salmon, WA.  Some Dhamma discussion.

September 19 – 1/2-Day Meditation Retreat (w/Luang Por Pasanno)

Luang Por Pasanno, Abbot of Abhayagiri Monastery, will lead a similar 1/2-day retreat from 1-4 pm at Mt. View Grange, 1085 N. Main Ave., White Salmon, WA.

The Very Special Sunday

September 20 – Pah Bah (Annual Alms Ceremony)

Join in the potluck meal, watch or join in the ceremony, have tea with the monks and/or tour the Pacific Hermitage.  The meal and ceremony are at Mt. View Grange (address above).  Please see the previous post (below) for times and more information.

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