Ajahn Amaro Begins Visit This Week!

Amaro-e1412619701637Ajahn  Amaro is a well known senior monk in the Ajahn Chah tradition.  He helped establish Abhayagiri Monastery in 1996 and is now Abbot of Amaravati Monastery in England.

We’re so fortunate to have him visit Portland and the Hermitage!  Events are scheduled May 27 and 29.  His visit here ends on May 31, when he will travel with Ajahns Sudanto and Caganando to Abhayagiri’s 20th anniversary celebration.*

Ajahn Amaro’s Portland / White Salmon Schedule:

  • May 26 — Arrives in Portland (evening)
  • May 27 — Portland Friends of the Dhamma (5:30 pm tea time, then meditation and dhamma talk).  He’ll come to the Hermitage after this event.
  • May 29 — Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon (6:30 – 8:30 pm meditation and dhamma talk)  Note:  May 31 Tuesday night community meditation has been cancelled.
  • May 28 & 29 — Meal Offerings — If you’d like to help offer a meal for the monks on the Saturday or Sunday of Ajahn Amaro’s visit, please schedule your meal with the meal dana coordinator. Mealtime is the typical time to visit with the monastics.
  • May 31 — Leaves early for Abhayagiri Monastery*

* More information at Abhayagiri’s website or Celebrate Abhayagiri’s 20th Anniversary!