May 2016 Birken Talks and Photos

2016 PH Birken Retreat GroupMany thanks to Ajahn Sona and the Birken Forest Monastery community for hosting this year’s Pacific Hermitage Retreat.  This is a regular event each year.

The links below contain recordings of the talks given at the retreat and some photos of the retreat and journey to and from the retreat:

Regularly, in May of each year and at various other times, the Hermitage monks offer opportunities for the lay community to experience several-day retreats.   In November, Ajahn Sudanto will lead a group down to Abhayagiri (in California) for a Thanksgiving Retreat.  Just so there’s no confusion, there are a couple of events at Abhayagiri this year:

Registration for the Thanksgiving retreat will open in July 2016 and pre-registration for the May 2017 Birken Retreat will open October 2016.  For updates, please check this website or sign up for our email list (see very bottom of this home page).