July 2016 Events

Buddha in the Hermitage GardenAjahns Sudanto and Karunadhammo return June 28, (Ajahn Karunadhammo will be at Yoga Samadhi that night).  A more regular schedule returns in July!

  • Garden Party / Work Day       July 2
  • Half-Day Retreat                        July 9
  • PFoD Tea / Dhamma Talk      July 15
  • PFoD Alms Round / Meal       July 16
  • Vassa Begins                                July 20

NOTE:  Registration for the annual Abhayagiri Thanksgiving Retreat begins July 1.  See our previous post or visit the Abhayagiri website after July 1 for more information.

Garden Party July 2!

Please join the monks and others July 2 for a party (work party, that is) at the Hermitage.  There haven’t been as many “garden parties” as usual this summer, so your help will be extra appreciated.  Come for all or just part of the party at the Hermitage:

  • 11:00 am        Meal offering (contact Meal Dana Coordinator) (arrive by 10:30 am)
  • 1 – 3 pm          Party in the garden (help with yard work and other tasks)
  • 3:00 pm          Tea in the garden (the real party)

Half-Day Retreat July 9

All are welcome to come to a half-day retreat with the monks, July 9, from 1-5 pm at Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon. Carve out a little time for a peaceful afternoon of sitting and walking meditation, as well as some Dhamma reflections by Ajahn Sudanto and/or Ajahn Karunadhammo.   It’s free and open to all.

 PFoD Tea, Meditation, Dhamma Talk and Meal July 15 & 16

  • July 15, 5:30 pm Tea, 7-9 pm Meditation and Dhamma talk
  • July 16, 10:30 am Alms Round and Meal Offering

Join the monks when they visit Portland Friends of the Dhamma.  Informal tea-time Friday night at 5:30 pm downstairs, followed by meditation and teachings beginning at 7:00 pm in the meditation hall upstairs.  Saturday Alms Round at 10:30 am, followed by an 11:00 am Meal Offering.

Vassa Begins July 20

The “Vassa Retreat” (July 20 – October 16) was established by the Buddha as a more intensive period of practice for monastics.  It corresponds with the monsoon season in South and Southeast Asia, and is also known as the Rains Retreat.

Looking Ahead

The August calendar is looking pretty “normal,” with all regular events expected to be held as planned.  The monks will be away, off and on, so please check the calendar before planning any visits or meal offerings (and remember to contact our meal dana coordinator if you would like to offer a meal or alms food).

The Pah Bah Samakkee will be held September 17 & 18.  (In Thailand, Samakkee means unity or harmony.  In this instance, it signifies that several people are sponsoring this annual alms-giving event.)   If you are planning to stay overnight, it would be good to look for lodging right now!  Look for more information about the Pah Bah Samakkee soon.