Wow, What a May!

Ajahn Caganando May 2-June 8
Ajahn Caganando

There are many updates and changes to the regular May calendar, including changes to regular events, visits by Ajahn Caganando, Bhante Rahula and Ajahn Amaro, and several special events.

Please check the updates, below, for the events and visits that interest you.  Click on the links included for more information.  Also check the Hermitage Calendar regularly.

Update on Regular Events:
  • Garden Parties
    • April 30 — ADDED (2nd April Garden Party)
    • May 7 — CANCELLED
  • Tuesday Night Meditation (6:30 – 8:00 pm, Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon)
    • May 10 — Local community member host, while monks are away at Birken
    • May 17 — Bhante Rahula
    • May 31 — CANCELLED (replaced by Ajahn Amaro, Sunday, May 29th)
  • Portland Friends of the Dhamma (3rd Friday and Saturday events at PFoD, Portland)
    • May 20 & 21 — Cancelled
    • May 27 — Ajahn Amaro at PFoD, 5:30 – 9:00 pm (no Saturday events)
  • Half-Day Retreat
    • May 14 — (1:00-5:00 pm, Yoga Samadhi)
Special Visitors!
  • May 2-June 8 — Ajahn Caganando
  • May 13-24 — Bhante Rahula (see teaching, retreat and visit schedule below)
  • May 26-31 — Ajahn Amaro (see teaching and visit schedule below)
Special Retreats and Events:
  • May 4-13 — Birken Retreat with Hermitage group (monks away from Hermitage)
  • May 20-22 — Bhante Rahula Retreat (White Salmon, Washington)
  • May 31-June 5 — Abhayagiri 20th Anniversary  (monks away from Hermitage)
Information on Special Visitors and Teaching Schedules
Ajahn Caganando — May 2 – June 8

Ajahn Caganando May 2-June 8

Our dear friend, Ajahn Caganando, is returning for a visit!

Ajahn was one of the original three monks who helped establish the Pacific Hermitage in 2010, and he lived here for five years.  Ajahn Caga now resides at Temple Forest Monastery in New Hampshire, helping that monastery get established.  Welcome back, Ajahn Caganando!


Bhante Rahula — May 13 – 24


Bhante Rahula, is a senior Theravada monk who conducts retreats around the world.  He often incorporates yoga into his teachings to help enhance mindfulness training.

His detailed teaching schedule while in Portland and White Salmon follows below Ajahn Amaro’s photo and information.


Ajahn Amaro — May 26 – 31

Ajahn Amaro visits in late May

Ajahn  Amaro is a senior monk in the Ajahn Chah tradition.  He helped establish Abhayagiri Monastery in 1996 and is now Abbot of Amaravati Monastery in England.  We’re fortunate to have him visiting the Hermitage, May 26-31.  He’ll then travel with Ajahns Sudanto and Caganando to Abhayagiri’s 20th Anniversary Celebration.  (See the post “Celebrate Abhayagiri’s 20th Anniversary!” if you’re interested in traveling down to Abhayagiri with a Pacific Hermitage group.)  Ajahn’s detailed teaching schedule follows.

Detailed Schedules for Bhante Rahula and Ajahn Amaro

Bhante Rahula and Ajahn Amaro will be visiting Portland and leading several events in White Salmon.  For more detailed information, click here:  

Bhante Rahula Schedule:

  • May 13 — Portland Friends of the Dhamma (5:30 – 9:00 pm, tea chat, meditation and dhamma talk)
  • May 14 — First Unitarian Church of Portland (3:00 – 6:00 pm, meditation, dhamma talk and tea).  Contact Katie Radditz ( for more information.
  • May 16-24 — Bhante Rahula stays at Hermitage
  • May 17 — Yoga Samadhi, White Salmon (6:30 – 8:00 pm, meditation and dhamma talk)
  • May 20-22 — Mountain View Grange, White Salmon (Non-residential retreat).  Contact Nee Pinit ( for more information and to ask to be put on a waiting list.

Ajahn Amaro Schedule:

  • May 27 — Portland Friends of the Dhamma (5:30 pm tea time, then meditation and dhamma talk)
  • May 29 — Yoga Samadhi in White Salmon (6:30 – 8:30 pm meditation and dhamma talk)
  • May 28, 29 & 30 — Meal Offerings — If you’d like to help offer a meal for the monks on the Saturday, Sunday or Monday of Ajahn Amaro’s visit, please schedule your meal with the meal dana coordinator.  Mealtime is the typical time to visit with the monastics.

Reminder — Please check the website Calendar regularly to see when meals are needed and when events are scheduled.  Please schedule all meal offerings with the meal dana coordinator.  Thank you!